Inexpensive apartments and houses in Turkey – it’s actual

A small house in a country with stunning nature, amazing history and incredibly comfortable climate is a dream for many. Fortunately, this dream is inexpensive, and therefore now you can become the owner of an overseas apartment or house.

Buying an apartment is relevant for anyone who plans to stay in the country for permanent residence. It has everything for a comfortable stay – the location by the sea, beautiful nature, good infrastructure, Russian-speaking schools and entire neighborhoods (in Alanya, for example).

Also inexpensive and the maintenance of the apartment, if you bought it to rent to tourists or locals. Even if you rent it cheap, the investment will pay back for the season at a rate of 10%. And that’s not so little.

Where can I buy a house in Turkey at a reasonable price?

Despite the fact that the country is a tourist and developed, it is always possible to buy a relatively inexpensive housing from the developer. Even in the most populous, resort towns, as well as their prestigious areas. The main thing is to trust professionals who will be able to find the best properties for you.

For example, you can buy an apartment in Turkey at an affordable price in popular resort areas of Antalya, Izmir, Alanya, Kemer, Istanbul and other cities. Here you can also look for a small house.

By the way, if you are planning to rent cheap villas in Turkey, or apartments by the sea, the most logical would be to buy it just the same in popular resort towns, where the flow of tourists never ceases. For life is better to choose either more distant from the tourists or suburban areas.

Inexpensive real estate in Turkey: how much is it?

At the seaside apartment, apartment, house or even a villa may not cost as much as you think. But even among the cheap objects there is some gradation in price. To get a cheaper option, consider all the factors that may affect the cost.

  • The city and the area. Yes, you can buy a house in Turkey cheaply in the capital. However, in remote regions and less popular cities you can buy similar villas at low prices – much lower than in the capital.
  • Housing. The most inexpensive apartments are studios or one-bedroom apartments. The larger the area of the room, the higher its cost. Although it should be noted that buying a house in Turkey is also inexpensive: almost all developers offer cheap and compact options by the sea.
  • Distance from the coastline. The sea is always a cheap apartment, but if your budget is very limited, cheaper objects can always be found at 2 and 3 lines of the coast.

It is also worth noting that a house in Turkey, around which there is a rich infrastructure will always cost more than the villas in the less popular areas of the city with a lower density of shopping and entertainment complexes.

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    Affordable Real Estate with Turkey Property Group

    If you’re interested in a low cost apartment or house in Turkey, Turkey Property Group has the best deals for you.

    Buying property through an agency is convenient and profitable. How does the process happen?

    • You choose an apartment or house in Turkey, which are offered for sale in the catalog, leave your request on the site and in the near future the manager will contact you to discuss details of the future deal.
    • If you have not found anything suitable in the catalog, then all the same electronic form you leave an application, and then tell the manager all your wishes.
    • We will start the search for a cheap apartment or villa, based on your individual requirements for space, location, distance from the sea and the budget, offering the best options from the developer.
    • You go on a tour or view an apartment, house, or villa online.
    • If it is the same inexpensive property you were looking for and it suits you, then we close the deal and you become the rightful owner of the overseas house, townhouse or apartment.

    It should be noted that throughout the sale/acquisition process, you are assigned a personal manager who will advise you on all relevant issues.

    Affordable apartments from the developer and other advantages of cooperation

    If you want to buy a property in Turkey near the sea, and be confident in the safety of the transaction, the agency Turkey Property Group at your service.

    Sale of low cost apartments, villas, houses, apartments and townhouses in Turkey is the main focus of our agency. We are trusted for several reasons.

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    If you have any questions or you are planning to buy an apartment/home in Turkey in the near future, leave request on the website. Soon you will be contacted by a manager and will provide all relevant information.

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