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      Stretched along the beaches, Mahmutlar urban neighborhoods are an example of an effective combination of urban life rhythm and developed tourist infrastructure. The planned urbanization of the area has made Mahmutlar one of the most popular among foreign investors and emigrants on the southern coast of Turkey.

      The advantages of buying property in Mahmutlar

      The area south of Alanya was originally formed as a seaside resort town with restaurants, hotels, sports and entertainment complexes. In contrast to the Aegean coast, life does not stop in winter European retirees, freelancers, bloggers, families with children rent in Mahmutlar.

      The maximum distance from the beaches of residential complexes and apart-hotels is 750 meters. Walking distance to popular shopping centers Migros, BIM, Yekta Mall, 82 Sali Pazari, LS Waikiki, beauty salons, pharmacies, service centers. New schools, kindergartens and art centers. Wide pedestrian areas with shade, parks, great promenade with bike trail. Nearest plan is a golf club.

      Three major thoroughfares, convenient pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The public transport network connects Mahmutlar with Alanya city center, universities, hospitals, megamalls, water parks. Gazipasa International Airport is 32 km away. There are no potentially dangerous objects nearby, you can see banana plantations from the windows of houses on the outskirts, near a nature reserve.

      Real estate in Mahmutlar brings a steady income

      Selling a new building after the property has been commissioned yields up to 40% profit. Most investors prefer passive income from the rental of real estate:

      • no expenses for advertising, repair of communications, heating is not required
      • Respectable residential complexes built with modern technology and architectural and planning solutions
      • earthquake-proof buildings, spacious terraces and loggias, comfortable layout, high-quality plumbing, stylish interiors.

      Return on investment begins on the day of the transaction, it is enough to buy:

      • Commercial real estate with signed lease agreements
      • The apartment with ready repair
      • unit in the aparthotel.

      Mahmutlar community of property owners and tenants

      The main buyers of real estate in Mahmutlar are from the former Soviet Union and the European Union. A comfortable linguistic, ethnic, social environment has been formed for daily communication, work, raising children and working remotely. There are international schools, cultural centers, and language courses for expats. Adaptation to the local realities for residents of Mahmutlar who have received residence permit and Turkish citizenship is quick and stress-free.

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        How prices are formed real estate Mahmutlar

        Traditionally, first-line residences with panoramic sea views are in high demand among tourists. The price of real estate in the complexes of 4-5* level in the first line is 30-60% higher than the median. At the top of demand daily and monthly rent studio, 1 +1, 2 +1 apartments. For permanent residence or cohabitation buyers choose properties with 3-4 bedrooms and several bathrooms.

        Commercial real estate occupies the zero level of multi-storey residential buildings, the payback period up to 6 years. The cost of housing depends on the neighborhood: bank office, private clinic will bring the seller +5-10% noisy restaurant or the highway -10%. Mahmutlar is famous for its beautiful landscapes and high-speed elevators, the priority housing on the upper floors.

        Properties for sale in Mahmutlar resort

        Turkey Property Group experts accompany the sale of properties in new buildings and on the secondary market, from the calculation of the real market value and photo shoots to virtual showings, negotiations with foreign investors and preparation of documents for the deal.

        How to buy a property in Mahmutlar

        Turkey Property Group specialists will help you to clearly formulate your priorities: asset diversification, protection from currency risks, immigration, business and family relocation.

        We will prepare a list of optimal offers, calculate potential maintenance costs and taxes, assess the liquidity of the asset. We choose housing near the beach, school or park, check the absence of encumbrances, the history of the object, help prepare for the deal, get credit, re-registration of ownership.

        Real estate in Mahmutlar is your qualitative new level of life in a safe country with a great climate.

        TOP-5 popular questions for real estate buyers in Mahmutlar

        ❓What is the percentage of the down payment for purchasing property in Mahmutlar?

        The down payment percentage for purchasing property in Mahmutlar is usually 30% of the property’s value.

        ❓What is the price per square meter for property in Mahmutlar?

        The average price per square meter for property in Mahmutlar depends on the type and location of the property but generally ranges from 2000 to 3000 euros per square meter. Factors that affect the price include the property’s location, distance from the sea and infrastructure, age and condition of the building, and supply and demand in the real estate market.

        ❓What are the financial and tax obligations for property owners in Mahmutlar?

        Property owners in Mahmutlar are required to pay various taxes, such as property tax and income tax if they rent out their property. Additionally, they must pay for utilities such as water, electricity, and gas.

        ❓What documents are required for purchasing property in Mahmutlar, and what legal aspects should be considered?

        To purchase property in Mahmutlar, a passport, and a purchase application must be submitted to the local registration office. It should be noted that legal aspects of purchasing property in Turkey can be complex, so it is best to seek the advice of professional lawyers.