Real estate in Bali: prestige, comfort, safety, profit

The Indonesian island of Bali, situated at the intersection of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, is consistently ranked among the top five luxury travel destinations. Investing in property and commercial real estate in Bali can yield combined profits of up to 15% annually through rental income and up to 20% through medium-term resale. The experience of thousands of expatriates from European countries proves that Bali offers a comfortable lifestyle, opportunities for creative pursuits, a good place to raise children, and relaxation.

Real estate in Bali: market specifics

With a land area of 5,419 km² (2092 m²), the island has diverse landscapes, with 95% of the territory unsuitable for construction due to volcanic rock, cliffs, jungles, and plantations. Infrastructure, real estate, communications, and transportation are concentrated along the oceanic coast and southern part of Bali. Acquiring a lodge far from Bali’s roads significantly complicates construction and repairs, and decreases the quality of life.

In areas suitable for construction, the density of buildings reaches 97%, and land prices exceed hundreds of thousands of US dollars. Profitable properties are quickly sold during the project presentation stage.

Advantages of buying property and tourist objects in Bali:

  • The average annual temperature of water and air is +26ºC (78,8°F).
  • The median occupancy rate of Bali apartments ranges from 75-95%.
  • Low cost of utilities and food with high-quality climate and healthcare indices.
  • Strict control over the activities of management companies, which are mandatory in the rental market.
  • A Fixed tax of 10% on rental income/sale of real estate.
  • Stable positive dynamics of Bali’s real estate market and the economy as a whole.
  • The extremely tolerant attitude of Balinese residents towards tourists and expatriates.

The height of buildings in Bali is limited to four floors. The pandemic has restrained the growth of prices for Bali apartments and commercial real estate, making it a compelling argument to purchase potentially profitable property during the growth phase.

How to Choose Property in Bali

Our agency constantly monitors development projects and urban planning initiatives by Bali authorities. The main criteria for choosing a property in Bali are:

  • areas with high ex-pat and tourist density
  • proximity to Denpasar airport, quality of medical and social infrastructure
  • equal social environment
  • landscape, proximity to the ocean, resort infrastructure
  • property quality – it is necessary to assess the condition of the structure and communications before purchasing, as well as the cost of reconstruction
  • management of the housing complex – it is better to entrust repairs of communications and facades to a management company.

In which areas of Bali is it profitable to buy property for investment and living?

Sanur. A family resort with rare, gently sloping beaches, breakwaters, an international school, kindergartens, supermarkets, and a golf course. The most advantageous purchase is on the first line.

Canggu. Excellent infrastructure for expats: clinics, schools, supermarkets, gyms, restaurants, and beaches. There is a considerable amount of outdated housing. The buildings will increase in value in the future.

Bukit. A premium-class development format with spacious plots surrounded by hotels and 5-star residential complexes. It is difficult to find a villa with two bedrooms. It is essential that any new construction does not obstruct the ocean view.

Ubud. Far from the coast, with low prices. Popular among downsizers and tourists seeking enlightenment. There is a lot of land, and property prices are rising slowly; it is crucial to choose the location and living format carefully.

Residence Permit on Bali: How to Live on the Island as a Property Owner

Indonesian citizenship is less advantageous compared to many other countries: the global ranking of the Indonesian passport is 56; visa-free entry is granted to 42 countries, visa-on-arrival to 46, and 110 countries require prior approval for entry. Dual citizenship is not allowed.

Tourist visas can be extended through a visa agent. The main types of long-term visas in Bali are work visas, freelance visas, and business visas for one or two years. A popular visa for financially independent retirees aged 55+ is a one-year visa that can be regularly extended for up to five years.

Features of Land Ownership According to Bali Laws

The sale of Hak Milik land is allowed exclusively to Indonesian citizens. Foreigners have access to two land use schemes in Bali:

  • Hak Pakai, or Leasehold, is a lease for up to 25 years of land up to 5000 sq. m with the right to extend for 75 years; it includes the right to resell and inherit the property.
  • Hak Guna – the right of a legal company resident in Indonesia to build a multi-story building.

Our agency conducts due diligence for each property in Bali, including the land status and the seller’s right to use it.

How to buy property in Bali online

Private villas, cottages, and apartment complexes are the main types of housing in Bali that expats, investors, and tourists choose to invest their assets abroad.

Many buyers prefer the online format for choosing and completing a property transaction in Bali:

  • Preliminary consultation, choosing neighborhoods and types of real estate.
  • Preparation of a shortlist of relevant properties: location, photos, price, pros and cons, profitability.
  • Online viewing, consultation, and verification of the legal cleanliness of the transaction.
  • A notary conducts an expert evaluation of the property.
  • Booking for document preparation and removal of the property from the listing.
  • MOU contract: obligations of the parties, payment and transfer procedure.
  • Contract for management with the developer/property management company.
  • 30% advance payment of the cost.
  • Fixed tax for the purchase of 11%.
  • Lease contract for the land – after the property is put into operation.

Turkey Property Group offers to buy properties abroad from reliable developers, from our own exclusive database and system of partnership agreements. One inquiry to Turkey Property Group is equivalent to a request to all reliable companies in Bali.

Selling real estate in Bali resorts: fair price, real buyers

Turkey Property Group, based on an exclusive contract, represents the interests of real estate sellers in different areas of Bali. We conduct a real market assessment of the property, develop an effective marketing strategy, place it on our website, and use highly technological methods to promote the property in the global market. Turkey Property Group has its own waiting list and a branched network of partner agreements with reliable real estate agencies.

TOP-5 popular questions for real estate buyers in Bali

❓What are the benefits of buying property in Bali?

Buying property in Bali can provide an opportunity for rental income and can also be a profitable investment in exotic vacations or living destinations.

❓What are the restrictions on buying property in Bali for foreigners and residents?

Foreigners can only purchase property in Bali under commercial terms and through a legal entity, while residents can only buy a property that is not part of the land.

❓What are the required documents for buying property in Bali and what are the associated costs?

Foreigners need to obtain a land usage permit and sign a sale-purchase agreement through a legal entity to buy property in Bali. The costs of obtaining these documents depending on the chosen legal partner and the scope of work.

❓What is the average price per square meter of property in Bali and what factors affect the price?

The average price per square meter of property in Bali depends on the location, type, and size of the property. For instance, prices for villas in the northern part of the island can range from 2500 to 4000 euros per square meter.

❓What kind of infrastructure is available in the areas where the property is sold in Bali?

Areas, where the property is sold in Bali have well-developed tourist infrastructure, such as hotels, restaurants, shops, and beaches. Some areas, such as Seminyak, offer high rental yields for the property.