These days, more and more transactions and operations are carried out remotely, using modern information technology. TURKEY PROPERTY GROUP offers buyers of real estate in Turkey a new service – online viewing of properties that they are interested in. This service format not only eliminates the risks associated with the pandemic coronavirus, but also provides significant time savings. A traditional familiarization tour takes an average of 4 days, including the flight to Turkey and back. A virtual tour to get acquainted with real estate can be done much faster, and you don’t even have to leave your own apartment or office.

How it works

Online viewing is as informative as a traditional real estate inspection. You will see everything as clearly and in detail as if you flew to Turkey and personally visited the apartment. During the video conference manager TURKEY PROPERTY GROUP:

  • will take you step by step through the house, apartments, look into every corner of the room;
  • demonstrate furniture and appliances;
  • will allow you to assess the situation in the bedroom, living room, kitchen;
  • as well as the view from the window and from the balcony, terrace;
  • walk around the adjacent territory to get acquainted with the infrastructure.

Photos, diagrams, drawings give a rough idea of the size of the rooms and their layout and design. In the course of the virtual walk-through, all of this can be assessed live.

An important advantage of a remote show over photos and videos, which can be found in the catalog, is that the shooting and broadcasting are conducted online. That is, you can be sure that you see the real situation today. You can ask the manager, who acts as a video operator, to linger on certain areas, to pay more attention to specific details. He will also answer all questions that arise during the viewing.

Today in Turkey built housing with well-developed infrastructure. As a rule, in the building of the complex and in the surrounding area there are stores, cafes, playgrounds, parking, many facilities for relaxation and recreation – pool and sauna, SPA and massage room, gym and outdoor playgrounds for sports games. All of these amenities, as well as the landscaping, can also be viewed, studied, and evaluated during the online tour. You will also have to walk around the streets adjacent to the residential complex, get acquainted with the area, the immediate surroundings of the house.

Time for a tour around Turkey is not enough, and to choose and buy an apartment, focusing only on the verbal descriptions and pictures, you do not want? Then order a virtual trip!

  1. Choice. Explore our catalog and choose the house, complex, apartments that you would like to consider in detail.
  2. Application. You can make an inquiry online, through the form on the website, or contact us by phone or e-mail.
  3. Online Viewing. Soon after the request the manager of the office in the appropriate region of Turkey will contact you, coordinate the time convenient for the virtual tour, and arrange a session of video contact for a tour of the selected property, together with the adjacent infrastructure.
  4. Your decision. If the online viewing proved to be the final argument in favor of the purchase of the property, you can proceed to the conclusion of the transaction. All stages of the purchase – signing the contract, booking the chosen property, making payments – are also possible remotely.

Save time and use advantages of modern technology with TURKEY PROPERTY GROUP!