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      Attractiveness of the Thai Real Estate Market

      Thailand, renowned for its picturesque beaches and rich culture, is becoming an increasingly popular destination for real estate investment. A developed infrastructure, comfortable climate, and variety of properties create favorable conditions for investors.

      Growth of the Tourism Industry

      Each year, the number of tourists in Thailand grows, driving demand for rental properties. Investments in resort properties often see returns due to high seasonal demand.

      Main Advantages of Buying Property in Thailand

      Buying property in Thailand offers a range of advantages. It’s not just a profitable investment but also an opportunity to own a home in a unique location.

      • High level of living comfort.
      • Affordable prices for various property types.
      • Stable real estate market.
      • Friendly attitude towards foreign investors.

      How to Choose the Right Property?

      Choosing a property is a crucial step. It’s essential to consider numerous factors: from location and infrastructure to the legal clarity of the property.

      Recommendations for Buyers

      • Determine your budget and preferences.
      • Research the market and compare offers.
      • Consider the region’s infrastructure.
      • Conduct a legal review of the property before purchasing.

      Legal Aspects of Buying Property in Thailand

      Thailand has peculiarities in legislation regarding property purchase by foreigners. It’s vital to study all the nuances to avoid potential difficulties.

      Key Points

      • Restrictions on direct land purchase by foreigners.
      • Opportunity to own apartments outright.
      • Need for long-term lease agreements for land plots.
      • The importance of ensuring the property’s legal clarity.

      Real estate in Thailand: an effective investment

      How much does it cost to live in Thailand, how to formalize ownership, where is the best place to buy an object for investment? Competent answers from Turkey Property Group experts are given during confidential private consultations.

      What attracts foreigners real estate in Thailand

      A country with 2,500 km of coastline, three climate zones, and no sub-zero temperatures. Thailand consistently ranks at the top of the Expat Index, new residents appreciated the level of personal safety, health care. Thailand is a high quality of life, excellent cuisine, great beaches; excellent conditions for retirees, families with children, freelancers, and HoReCa professionals.

      Real estate investment in Thailand: the window of opportunity has just opened

      During the pandemic demand declined by 40-65%, prices in the market sagged. Since the end of 2021 the real estate market in Thailand in a phase of growth, the annual increase in value from 1-3% in Phuket to 5-7% in Bangkok.

      Priority areas for investment in real estate in Thailand:

      • resort real estate of business and premium class in new resorts;
      • eco-projects, extra low energy consumption;
      • comfortable conditions for hybrid work and digital nomads;
      • digitalization of space – smart home, climate control, automation of household processes.

      Real estate in Thailand is beneficial to investors: urbanization is planned, the buyer does not pay for the construction of roads, shore protection, beach development, advertising resorts. From the moment the keys are handed over, the property generates daily passive income.

      Where to Buy a House in Thailand for Foreigners

      The liquidity of housing in an Asian country is directly dependent on the transport accessibility and quality of infrastructure. Foreigners prefer to rent and buy in the resort areas of mainland Thailand and the major islands.

      Bangkok. In demand among expats areas of Nana, Asoke, Tong Lo, Prom Phong, Sathorn, Ekkamai. Resale of new buildings can earn up to 20-25%.

      Chiang Mai. Northern continental part of the country, to buy an apartment really 1.5-2 times cheaper than the capital. The region is actively developing.

      Hua Hin. Summer palaces of the royal family changed the region. The most affordable real estate in Khao Takiab.

      Pattaya. A favorite resort of metropolitan residents, 2 hours from Bangkok. Bring high income facilities in the central part, Pratamnak, Na Jomtien, Ban Ampur.

      Phuket. International year-round resort of Thailand, real estate is in high demand. Top areas Patong, Muang, Surin, Kata and Karon, Talang, Bang Tao.

      Samui. Fashionable resort; intensively developed northern and western part of the island.

      The markers of Thailand’s upscale areas – low-rise development, golf clubs, hard-to-reach beaches, international schools, large shopping and business centers

      How to buy a house in Thailand: Features of the market

      Ownership of land in Thailand is limited to citizens of the kingdom and legal entities. Owners of 5 or more properties are automatically transferred to the status of entrepreneurs.

      Sales of real estate in new buildings in Thailand are subject to Thai and foreign quota:

      • 49% are allowed to purchase non-residents;
      • 51% – sold to citizens of the kingdom or companies with a local jurisdiction.

      Prices of apartments owned by legal entities on the Thai quota is lower by 15-25%. A popular scheme in Thailand provides for the purchase of corporate rights in the company – the owner of the property.

      There are two types of real estate ownership in Thailand:

      • freehold – 100% private ownership, free resale / donation / disposal;
      • leasehold – right to lease for 30 years + ability to extend the contract twice for 30 years: disposal – with the consent of the landlord; prices are 8-12% lower.

      Checking the object before the real estate transaction in Thailand includes a study of the status of the land, checking the absence of third party rights. Experts Turkey Property Group knows the nuances of Thai law. We will study the seller’s documents, develop a legally perfect investment scheme

      What is the most popular accommodation in Thailand?

      Apartment format prevails: 86% of the market – condominiums, 8% – villas and cottages, 6% – townhouses. Foreigners are allowed to buy apartments only in condominiums, apartments in conventional residential complexes are not available. Before you find out how much is an apartment in the condo, specify – allowed daily rent or not, what else the rules of cohabitation.

      Studios are losing popularity in Thailand, in the top real estate with 2-3 bedrooms, open terraces, convenient for work and living.

      Selling real estate in Thailand: effective solutions Turkey Property Group

      We offer new buildings on the terms of direct contracts with reliable developers and exclusive secondary market. We develop a personal strategy for each property in Thailand. We estimate: how much is a house or a penthouse in Thailand, taking into account analogues, dynamics, real condition. We conduct photo and video shoots and post on specialized real estate platforms.

      We help buyers and sellers of Thailand real estate to negotiate, prepare documents, choose the best financing scheme

      TOP popular questions for real estate buyers in Thailand

      ❓What is the most advantageous real estate to buy in Thailand?

      The most advantageous real estate to buy in Thailand is in areas with a stable market and high demand for housing, such as Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket. Additionally, apartments and villas near beaches may have higher prices compared to other areas.

      ❓What are the legislative requirements for foreign ownership of the real estate in Thailand?

      Foreigners can own real estate in Thailand by complying with certain legislative requirements, such as restrictions on property size and document requirements that need to be provided.

      ❓What are the financial and tax obligations for real estate owners in Thailand?

      Real estate owners in Thailand must pay various taxes, such as property tax and income tax from real estate. Additionally, there are some financial obligations related to purchasing and maintaining real estate, such as paying utility bills and maintenance fees.

      ❓What are the advantages and disadvantages of investing in real estate in Thailand compared to other countries, such as Spain, Turkey, and others?

      The advantages of investing in real estate in Thailand are low prices compared to other countries, beautiful natural landscapes, and a developed tourist infrastructure. The disadvantages could be high risks and restrictions for foreigners regarding property ownership.