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      The resort town 40 km from Alanya is rapidly gaining popularity among foreign investors. The beautiful bay is surrounded by gentle slopes, on which the terraced streets of the center of the vast agrarian and tourist area. Real estate in the resort of Gazipasha promises to become the most profitable investment in the south of Turkey in the next decade.

      Real estate in Gazipasa is steadily increasing in value

      The coastal districts of Gazipaş are transforming from agricultural to resort areas. The local authorities pursue a competent policy to attract investment: in transport infrastructure, communications, social infrastructure, and advertising of the region:

      • Gazipaşa International Airport serves the regions of Alanya and Mersin;
      • The marina receives VIP and cruise ships for winter storage and service;
      • The D400 highway connects all of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, and Antalya is only 160 kilometers away;
      • the university graduates specialists in tourism, management, crop farming, and transportation;
      • Along the central beaches of the promenade with a bike lane;
      • New buildings – real estate class business and premium;
      • priority 5 * hotels with conference services for the development of business tourism;
      • plans to build a ski resort nearby.

      Schools, shopping centers, farmer’s market, entertainment centers, transport network Gazipasa designed to increase the population in the near future. Buy real estate in this part of Turkey favorable: investors receive a complete solution of resort infrastructure, it remains to choose the property at the best price in the best location.

      Real estate in Gazipasa – market features

      Gazipasa municipality is not only a city, it is 50 km of beaches of varying degrees of accessibility, nature reserves, settlements in the forests. Developers have the opportunity to buy an object with a high potential profit:

      • The coastal territory is just beginning to be developed, there are vacant lots for hotel real estate and residential VIP-class residences;
      • mountain territories are optimal for the lodges, eco-hotels and VIP-resorts;
      • prospective development of the suburbs of Gazipasa for the construction of closed complexes of villas and colvings.

      Gazipaşa offers the possibility of locating residential residences on spacious grounds with swimming pools, relaxation areas, playgrounds for children and sports, and parking lots.

      Most of the new residential complexes and shopping centers are concentrated on the right bank of İnceağrı River at a distance of 400-1700 m from the beaches. Real estate is actively built along Uğur Mumcu Cd. with a dedicated bicycle route, after crossing D400 the street changes its name to Mehmet Oğuz Blv and Süleyman Gür Blv. There are bank branches, Carrefour, Sok, M Migros, Mavi market, 101, pharmacies, LS Waikiki, and Beko supermarkets within walking distance.

      The neighborhoods along the D400 highway, which runs through the center of Gazipaş, are of interest to expats and investors. Ground level real estate along the main streets is traditionally allocated for commercial purposes. High income brings retail, office real estate, logistics facilities, service stations. It is advantageous to buy several apartments of different area – a stable passive income provides a long-term and short-term rental housing.

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        Gazipasa real estate for sale

        Turkey Property Group specialists will develop an exclusive strategy for the sale of real estate in the center of Gazipas and surrounding areas, regardless of the intended purpose and degree of readiness of the object. We will evaluate the functionality and location of secondary stock, apartments in new buildings, development projects and plots.

        How to buy a property in Gazipasa

        The region is characterized by difficult terrain, uneven availability of communications and different social environment. We select objects exactly as requested by investors – for long-term investment, passive income from the first minute of purchase, permanent residence in the south of Turkey. We can assess reliability of developer, identify debts of secondary market owners, help to issue documents.

        Our specialists know how to optimize the cost of buying and maintaining real estate, find advantageous credit terms. Gazipasha is the best choice for buying property for immigration and business relocation.

        TOP-5 popular questions for real estate buyers in Gazipasa

        ❓What types of properties are available in Gazipasa?

        In Gazipasa, there are various types of properties available, including apartments, villas, houses, and land plots.

        ❓What budget is needed to purchase a property in Gazipasa?

        The budget for purchasing a property in Gazipasa depends on the type and location of the property, but prices are usually relatively affordable compared to other regions in Turkey.

        ❓What additional infrastructure is available in the area where the property is located?

        Gazipasa has a developed infrastructure, which includes shops, restaurants, medical facilities, public transportation, and more.

        ❓What are the legal requirements and procedures for purchasing property in Gazipasa?

        Legal requirements and procedures for purchasing property in Gazipasa vary depending on the buyer’s status (foreign or local) but usually involves signing a purchase agreement and registering ownership with local authorities.

        ❓What are the options for financing the purchase of property in Gazipasa?

        The options for financing the purchase of property in Gazipasa depend on the buyer’s credit history and financial stability, as well as the terms offered by banks or other lending institutions. However, several banks in Gazipasa offer mortgage loans for foreign buyers, so this is a possible option for obtaining financing.