Where to build premium villas in Bodrum

Bodrum is a peninsula in the southwestern part of the Republic of Turkey, washed by the Aegean Sea, and the city of the same name. When they talk about buying luxury real estate there, they mean the agglomeration of several areas: Torba, Gyumyushlyuk, Turgutreys, Goltyurkbukyu, Gundoan and Yalikavak. The last two are especially popular among foreigners. The distance to Bodrum itself from each of them is 5-30 km.

The peninsula is a symbiosis of different settlements. Each has its own characteristics. In the north of Bodrum there are a lot of coniferous forests and beaches are pebble or “platform”. In the south there is less vegetation and the beaches are sandy. Between the villages of Bodrum the areas are planted with olive trees.

Villas in Bodrum are part of the settlements (in Turkey they are called sites or compounds). Such luxury real estate is usually fenced and has security points at the entrance. If the luxury penthouse is part of the residential complex, its services are provided by a management company, which draws up an annual budget and determines the amount of monthly payments. It means that the elite property owner can not think about cleaning, security, and illumination of the territory: he simply pays the money, and the management company itself distributes it to the basic needs.

If the property is private and is not part of the elite complex, the owner decides all the issues regarding the care of the territory on their own. Or he finds a managing manager who does everything for him.

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    How does a typical luxury property in Bodrum

    Traditionally, real estate in Bodrum is white minimalist houses in the Aegean style. Also luxury housing in Bodrum is often finished with natural stone. High-tech mansions are extremely rare here.

    Most villas have a spacious balcony and/or a large terrace, as well as a barbecue area. Expensive real estate in Bodrum necessarily provides landscaped lawn area, as it is in the street residents of the peninsula spend most of the year: sunbathing, eating, relaxing and working. Behind the house there is usually a garden and a swimming pool.

    If we consider the average real estate in Bodrum up to 1 million euros, the rooms in such villas are small. But the standard in the house necessarily a few bathrooms – the number of bedrooms and 1-2 more for general use.

    How much will elite real estate in Bodrum

    The dynamics of real estate prices separately in Bodrum is tracked by the Turkish consulting companies. For example, in Endeksa report that over the past year housing in Bodrum rose in price by 60%. Now the cost of a square meter of real estate starts from 1100 euros.

    The most expensive area is considered Yalikavak. In this area the price of 1 million euros for a villa is quite adequate. It is not uncommon to find objects of elite real estate and for 3-5 million. In other parts of Bodrum is luxury housing and for half a million euros.

    It should be understood that the price of real estate in Bodrum is growing throughout the region, not just by the sea. At the same time to buy something by the water is very difficult – the first and second coast lines are built up with hotels.