Luxury Real Estate in Bali

Private homes with pools and 5-star residences – just a few days away from a purchase. Explore the catalog of the best de lux offers on the island of eternal summer.

Elite housing in Bali is increasing in value.

The premium real estate market in Bali is not affected by global crises, pandemics, or military conflicts for several reasons:

  • Stable economic growth in Indonesia;
  • Bali is an extra-class year-round resort with an average temperature of +26ºC;
  • The constant demand for rental and purchase of luxury housing;
  • It is impossible to buy land, but 5% of Bali’s territory is suitable for construction;
  • Rental properties are occupied up to 97% per year with a yield of up to 15%.

The coastal areas of Bali are an example of modern resort urbanization, with comprehensive development of territories, airports, roads, communications, trade facilities, quality healthcare systems, and international schools.

Respectable owners of luxury homes and apartments have access to high-class resort, wellness, and sports and entertainment infrastructure:

  • including dozens of golf clubs, yacht clubs, equestrian schools;
  • SPA centers, fitness clubs, yoga schools, and contact sports.

A unique community of owners and tenants has been formed, with informal connections guaranteeing advantageous international projects.

How to buy luxury real estate in Bali.

The resort areas of Bali differ in service quality and level of the social environment. The Turkey Property Group team forms a personal shortlist after analyzing all buyer requests and those of their family members, such as:

  • Interest in swimming, surfing, yachting, tennis, or fishing;
  • Solitude or active club life;
  • Quality education for children or shopping.

We provide comprehensive services to buyers of luxury homes and apartments including analyzing urban planning plans, calculating investment payback, verifying the reliability of developers, sellers, and management companies, evaluating the condition of the property and estimated cost of reconstruction, and assisting in negotiations.

Important! Exclusive luxury homes in Bali are often sold in a closed format not accessible to the public. Information about the sale/purchase of valuable assets affects the reputation of the investor. We guarantee complete confidentiality of requests, negotiations, and transactions.