Apartments in Bali: Your Starting Point

While some people worry about fluctuations in currency exchange rates, lament low-interest rates on bank deposits, and fret over the instability of the global economy, savvy investors are deciding to buy apartments and flats in Bali.

The Turkey Property Group team shares the love of entrepreneurs, IT specialists, and freelancers for one of the most promising islands in the Indonesian archipelago, and there are good reasons for that:

3 facts about Bali, or why to buy a flat in paradise

  1. Annual economic growth due to population growth and an influx of tourists is about 8%. A flat intended for rent is unlikely to be left vacant here and will serve its owner faithfully by bringing in a passive income of up to 12% per year.
  2. Apartment prices in Bali are often lower than comparable offerings in Europe, America, and Asia. The cost of affordable housing starts at tens of thousands of euros.
    It is most profitable to buy flats in modern residential complexes during the excavation phase, as reselling such housing on the secondary market can bring up to 40% profit.
  3. Apartments in Bali are an opportunity to live in warmth 365 days a year.
    The average annual air temperature is 28-33°C (82.4-91.4°F), which means a year-round beach season is guaranteed.
    Flat owners can swim in two oceans in one day: the northern part of the island is washed by the waters of the Pacific, while the southern part is surrounded by the Indian Ocean. And since the island is small (only 150 km long and 80 km wide), it is possible to cross it in a few hours, enjoying amazing landscapes on the way – tropical groves, dormant volcanoes, and rice plantations.

Those who have already bought an apartment in Bali confirm that the island helps find the perfect balance between work and leisure, and energizes and inspires new projects.

The Turkey Property Group team is happy to help you buy property in Bali. We will select a suitable option based on your budget and plans for real estate – permanent or temporary residence, resale, or rental. Our experts’ extensive knowledge of the market, a wide range of properties at developer prices, and thorough legal checks of each object ensure maximum benefits and investment security.

If necessary, we will take care of all the paperwork related to your new flat in Bali and find responsible and solvent tenants.

At Turkey Property Group, we are confident that property in Bali is more than just a good investment – it is an investment in happiness.