Houses and Villas in Bali: You Can Live in Paradise on Earth!

Bali is one of the most charming islands in the Indonesian archipelago. It is a favorite place for IT entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startups seeking a balance between work and relaxation. People come here from all over the world for inspiration. And the luxurious nature and benevolent atmosphere inspire hundreds of investors to buy a house or villa in Bali.

House in Bali, villas in Bali: 5 reasons to buy property on the island

While some people are nervous about the instability of cryptocurrencies or upset about low-interest rates on bank deposits, owners of houses in Bali can rest easy:

  1. The annual growth of the economy on the island is about 8% thanks to a stable flow of tourists and population growth. There is a constant demand for both expensive villas in Bali costing 220-230 thousand euros and budget apartments. Selling ready-made real estate on the secondary market can yield up to 40% profit, and annual rental income can reach up to 12%.
  2. How much does it cost to enjoy summer all year round? That’s the price of a house or villa in Bali! The air temperature fluctuates around 28-33 degrees Celsius. There is no exhausting heat. The dry season in Bali lasts from May to November, and the rainy season lasts from November to April. And even during this period, short rains usually occur at night, not interfering with work and leisure plans.
  3. Buying a house in Bali means enjoying beautiful nature every day. In one day, you can see two oceans: the small island (only 150 km long and 80 km wide) is washed by the Pacific Ocean to the north and the Indian Ocean to the south. So a short car ride past dormant volcanoes, banana groves, and rice plantations turns into an amazing adventure. There are also many hiking and biking trails in Bali: the breathtaking views make your heart skip a beat with delight.
  4. A house or villa in Bali is an opportunity to feel truly safe. Despite being a Muslim country, most local residents practice Hinduism. In Bali, you can also find Buddhists, Catholics, Protestants, wealthy businessmen, professional athletes, and carefree surfers. And all of these people peacefully coexist on the island, treating each other with respect and friendliness. The crime rate is extremely low.
  5. Bali is an island that will appeal to everyone – from lovers of noisy parties to introverts. For example, buying real estate in the party town of Kuta is the best option for those who want to be in the thick of things in Bali. A villa in the prestigious Seminyak guarantees a peaceful pastime surrounded by tropical vegetation and the sound of the ocean. Changgu is a real mecca for startups, IT specialists, and aspiring entrepreneurs: here, a creative and inspiring atmosphere prevails. However, no matter which part of Bali you buy a house or villa in, you will have all the necessary infrastructure at your disposal.

Turkey Property Group agency will help make your investment in Bali real estate maximally profitable and safe. We will select a house or villa based on your budget and future plans – resale on the secondary market, permanent or temporary residence, or rental. We offer a wide selection of properties and prices no higher than directly from the developer. Our experts will conduct an audit of the chosen property so that you can be sure of the legal cleanliness of the transaction. We will also take care of the paperwork.

A house or villa in Bali is a new level of quality of life. Discover it with the international real estate agency Turkey Property Group!