Bali: Real Estate on the Oceanfront

Many romantics dream of owning a property on the sea or ocean, where they can enjoy sunsets with a glass of wine, while shrewd investors decide to buy a villa in Bali! They are not only captivated by the island’s charm, but also rely on facts:

  • Bali offers the opportunity to enjoy two oceans at once. The smallest island in the Indonesian archipelago (length – 150 km, width – 80 km) is washed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean to the north and the Indian Ocean to the south. You can choose which ocean you want to have breakfast overlooking from your villa!
  • Summer reigns year-round in Bali. The average temperature ranges from 28 to 33 degrees Celsius, meaning the beach season never ends! In addition to the ocean, there is much to admire here: property owners on the coast can enjoy picturesque tropical vegetation, beautiful waterfalls, rice plantations, and majestic dormant volcanoes.
  • Bali’s economy grows by 8% annually due to population growth and a constant flow of tourists.Demand for housing grows at the same rate. For example, buying a comfortable villa during the construction phase can bring up to 40% profit when reselling it on the secondary market, while renting it out can yield up to 12% annual return.
  • Buying a villa in Bali is often cheaper than similar seaside property in Europe, America, or Asia. There is all the necessary infrastructure on the island for comfortable living, and families with children will certainly appreciate the abundance of fresh vegetables, fruits, and fish.
  • Bali leads the world in the number of high-class IT professionals, known as “digital nomads.”In addition to IT specialists, Bali’s coast is home to promising startup founders, experienced businessmen, freelancers from various industries, and professional athletes. An interesting and diverse community is the real highlight of the island.

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