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20. 4. 2023

Myths of Turkey

Top 3 myths about Turkish life that are actually true:

Turks talk very loudly

Yes, in many places and families Turks talk very loudly. And older people shout, sometimes it even seems like they are cursing, but this is normal.

It is customary in Turkey to eat a lot of bread

Turkey is one of the largest bread-consuming countries in the world, where each person eats more than 100 kg of it every year. When you consider that the country has a population of over 75 million, it is obvious how much bread they consume.

Turkish women serve everything on trays

Bringing tea to guests, serving snacks, bringing dishes to the table – the tray is really used for convenience everywhere. But those trays that don’t fit through doors are used for an impromptu table when eating on the floor or setting it on a stool.

Автор Semyon Tereshchenko

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