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21. 4. 2023

6 facts about Turkish tea

Tea in Turkey is a way of communication and an integral part of social life, it is drunk not only at home: in offices, just on the street and of course in stores. Traditionally it is served in tulip-shaped cups🌷

Top 6 facts about Turkish tea:

  • Each adult in the country drinks about 3 kg of tea per year
  • About 205 500 tons of tea is produced in Turkey per year (which is 6.4% of the world’s tea production).
  • Herbal teas with apples (Elmalı Çay), rosehip (Kuşburnu Çay), linden blossom (Ihlamur Çay) and pomegranate tea (Nar çay) are especially popular in Turkey.
  • If you are offered tea, you must not refuse it in Turkey.
  • In Turkey you should drink freshly brewed tea (never cold and never yesterday’s tea).
  • There is a saying: “Look for beer at the Bavarian’s and tea at the Turk’s.”

Автор Semyon Tereshchenko

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