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21. 4. 2023

Unusual Turkish household traditions

Today we want to tell you about unusual Turkish household traditions that are hidden from the eyes of ordinary tourists.

♦️ Turks never rush 🕐

In Turkey people are used to living here and now, enjoying every moment, so sometimes it may seem that people have nothing to do when they just sit, drink tea and bask in the sun.

♦️ Instead of a bouquet, brides use the sole of their shoes 👠

Turkish brides write the names of their unmarried friends on their soles before the wedding. The girl whose name is wiped off first will be the first to get married.

♦️ Spouses do not call each other by name 👫

In Turkish families, spouses call each other aşkım (my love), güneşim (my sun), canım (my soul), meleğim (my angel) and other oriental epithets, but not by name. It is considered unspoken that a name is needed to address friends or acquaintances, but husband and wife are closer to each other and do not need such formalities.

Автор Semyon Tereshchenko

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