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10. 4. 2023

An important question that arises when buying an apartment in Turkey is pricing.

What factors affect the value of Turkish real estate</h2

  • Location (city, district, neighborhood)
  • Remoteness from the sea
  • Level of the residential complex (economy, standard, premium class)
  • infrastructure
  • Year of construction and number of storeys
  • Layout and view from the windows
  • Size and stage of readiness of housing

The final cost of an object is also affected by the terms of cooperation between the intermediary and the
client. For example, an agency/realtor may charge an additional commission to the buyer.

Turkey Property Group does not charge

Сommissions from buyers for the services provided.

The price of an apartment usually depends on the ratio of supply and demand or on the mortgage rate.

If you are planning to buy a Turkish resort property, do not wait for the summer, buy now. Our consultants
will help you navigate the current market situation and choose the best option

Автор Semyon Tereshchenko

Real Estate Expert

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