Profitable purchase of
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in Thailand


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      Why is Thailand becoming the leader in seaside property purchases?

      Thailand has long earned a reputation as a paradise among tourists. But lately, the country is also becoming a center for attractive investments in seaside real estate. Transparent waters, pristine beaches, and a stable economy make Thailand the perfect place to buy a home or apartment.

      • Warm tropical climate.
      • Rich culture and history.
      • Availability and diversity of real estate.

      Advantages of buying seaside property in Thailand

      Beyond the obvious benefits such as stunning beaches and culture, buying property in Thailand can offer much more:

      • High rental yield.
      • Fast-growing real estate market.
      • Ease of purchase process for foreigners.

      Legal aspects of acquiring property in Thailand

      Acquiring property in another country can be intricate, especially when it comes to legal nuances. However, thanks to straightforward and understandable property laws, the process becomes less complex.

      Key points:

      • Restrictions on direct land purchase by foreigners.
      • Opportunity to buy a condo outright.
      • Need to use legal services.

      Tips for those looking to buy seaside property in Thailand

      Before making a choice, it’s important to consider some key points:

      • Research the market: from popular resorts to secluded areas.
      • Understand your investment goals.
      • Always focus on the long-term perspective.

      Real estate by the sea in Thailand: an investment in the dream

      2500 kilometers of coastline, 250 islands, Blue Flag beaches and resorts extra class: real estate by the sea in Thailand can be found in all segments of the market.

      A house by the sea in Thailand for investment

      Profitability and payback period – the basic principles of buying investment resort real estate in Thailand. Rental price of apartments in a residential complex with a pool, beach and hotel service at a famous resort is higher by 30-40% of a separate cottage away from the coast.

      Experts of Turkey Property Group analyze the real estate market, offering development projects, apartments in condominiums and houses on the secondary market in areas with a high flow of tourists and a busy schedule of events.

      Reliable management company ensures the yield of property by the sea in Thailand at 12-15% per annum regardless of the physical presence of the owner of the villa or apartment in the country.

      Villa by the Sea in Thailand for permanent residence

      Personal tropical garden, infinity pool, relaxing terrace with panoramic views: the classic image of a premium villa in Thailand. Profitable to buy a liquid Thailand property on the first line or within 10-15 minutes walking distance to the beach.

      What to consider when buying a villa near the beach in Thailand:

      • layout, climate control and the level of natural insolation of the premises;
      • tidal strength, approaches to the beach;
      • privacy or proximity to popular entertainment venues.

      Preferably, the property should be located near shopping malls, international schools, clinics, golf clubs, yacht clubs, diving centers of Thailand.

      How to buy property by the sea in Thailand

      We will help you determine the goals and budget of the purchase, choose the best resort and type of property. Find relevant proposals with favorable real estate prices and high liquidity. We will provide legal support for the purchase of freehold or lease for 30 years under the terms of Thai Lienhold. The sea brings profit and materializes dreams: proven by our clients.