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17. 1. 2023

Turkish Muğla: a place that wins hearts

The natural beauty, the comfortable climate and the harmony between the oriental flavour and the European standard of living are the most common reasons for choosing a property in Mugla to live and invest in.

Location of Muğla

Muğla is located in the south west of Turkey. Muğla is the centre of the region, is situated 27 km from the Aegean Sea coast. The province includes the much loved resorts of Marmaris, Bodrum and Fethiye, which can be reached easily via one of two airports:

  • Milas-Bodrum (75km west of Mugla );
  • Dalaman (95km south west of the centre of the region).

The climate of Mugla

Mugla property is an opportunity to enjoy a seaside holiday without the exhausting heat, among coniferous trees and orange groves.

The resort season is from May to September, slightly shorter than the Antalya coast. The really warm summer days, with temperatures reaching 30 degrees, come in June. July and August are warm and sunny.

The sea is warm throughout the summer and comfortable 25-28 degrees in September make Mugla not only a great place to relax on the beach but as well for long walks and sightseeing excursions. The period from December to February is characterised by frequent rainfall and wind gusts.

Atmosphere of Mugla

The atmosphere of the province is one of the main reasons to buy property in Mugla.

It is more European than Oriental in spirit. The standard of living here is quite high: many Turkish students who have graduated in Mugla tend to settle down here. The absence of the bustling crowds allows you to enjoy the delicious food in the cafes and restaurants, the landscaped parks and promenades, and the relaxing beaches and amusement parks. The region has sandy, sandy-pebbly and pebbly beaches. Some hotels line the beaches with special slabs and piers.

A particular tourist attraction is Cleopatra Island (officially known as Sedir), in the Gulf of Geokova, close to Marmaris. The place is famous for its beautiful beach with a rare type of golden sand.

The many antique buildings, mosques and oriental markets provide that special flavour that reminds – Turkey Property Group will gladly provide in vibrant and multifaceted Turkey!

Those who are crazy about nightlife and 24/7 fun usually choose a property in Mugla, closer to the ‘party town’ of Bodrum, those who like solitude and silence choose Fethiye, and those who like quality service choose Marmaris. Shopping lovers are attracted to Mugla by the variety of shopping centres and supermarkets, where prices are lower than in tourist-packed Antalya.

No matter where you choose to live in the picturesque landscape, Mugla has a natural feel to it. The province also fascinates those who love architecture and history.

Sightseeing in Mugla

Admiring ancient structures against the backdrop of lush nature is another compelling reason to buy a property in Mugla. While in the region’s administrative centre, the late 15th century Lead Mosque on Kursunglu Street and the wooden one on Jamikebir Street are worth seeing.

The Muglu Museum of Archaeology amazes visitors with the remains of ancient plants and animals: some exhibits are over 7 million years old!

The Saburkhaneh district is the ideal place to enjoy the colour of the East amidst its narrow streets and cosy little houses: visitors are still welcomed by owners who invite passers-by to have tea – to show them the old houses inherited from their grandparents.

At the Carpet Market you’ll be dazzled by the abundance of unique handmade items bearing traditional Turkish patterns. There is also oriental incense, sweets and leather goods. Next to it stands the Saatly Tower.

Mount Asar, which can be easily reached by anyone, offers an excellent view of the old city.

From Mugla it takes a few hours to reach the jewel of Turkey, Pamukale, famous for its thermal springs and white limestone in the background. It is also home to the ancient ruins of Hierapolis, a settlement from the Roman Empire.

Prospects for investing in property in Mugla

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    Overseas property experts say that interest in Turkey’s Mugla is increasing every year. This is due to a number of reasons:

    • the desire of most people to live in their beloved Turkey, but away from the crowds of tourists. The region offers the opportunity for secluded holidays but with easy access to bustling entertainment and attractions;
    • picturesque nature. The combination of sea, mountains and greenery is not only pleasing to the eye, but also has a positive effect on health;
    • good ecology. Many of the beaches in the area are Blue Flag rated;
    • comfortable climate. There is almost never a debilitating heat, even in high summer;
    • european level of service. Rarely is anyone disappointed by the service in the restaurant or shop. At the same time, the prices are much lower than in European countries;
    • many archaeological and historical sites. Each time you travel through the province, you can make new discoveries;
    • affordable prices for accommodation by the sea. There are not many tourists, so the cost of property remains at the level of the regional centres of Ukraine and Kiev;
    • the prospect of obtaining a residence permit and citizenship. Property owners in Turkey have the right to apply for a residence permit, and after some time and a full citizenship, which gives access to quality medicine, education and a prestigious job for hire or self-employment.

    Thus, residential property in Mugla is a sound investment: it can be used not only for permanent or temporary residence at the seaside, but also profitable to rent or buy and resell at a higher price – the demand is steadily growing.

    Turkey Property Group specialists will be delighted to provide you with a choice of properties in Mugla, based on your wishes and budget.

    Автор Semyon Tereshchenko

    Real Estate Expert

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