Real estate by the sea in the UAE: the eastern fairy tale of the Emirate

Housing by the sea in the Emirates – it is an opportunity to admire the Persian Gulf, enjoy the beach season all year round and admire the amazing mix of the UAE – Oriental color, modern technology and perfect infrastructure.

The Emirates attract investors and affordable prices for housing by the sea – about $ 3,000 per 1 sq.m., which is cheaper than on the coast in Europe or Asia.

House in the Emirates, the Gulf Coast, will be a sound investment in the UAE: a couple of years later the finished housing in the UAE can be sold at a profit of up to 40% or let for rent, receiving up to 8% per annum.

Our agency will help you to buy real estate by the sea in the UAE at a builder’s price: we will find an object in the Emirates on request and take care of the paperwork.