Villa or house in Dubai: living in an Eastern fairytale

Sunny Dubai is an amazing place where Eastern traditions and ultra-modern technologies harmoniously blend together, where the freshness of the sea breeze meets the hot breath of the desert, and where huge shopping centers coexist with small shops offering fragrances and spices. The city attracts thousands of tourists every year who want to enjoy the beach and go shopping.

Experienced investors not only come to Dubai to relax but also make profitable investments by deciding to buy a house or a villa here based on solid arguments:

  1. A villa or a house in Dubai is a ticket to year-round summer. Even in winter, the temperature never drops below 19 degrees Celsius, which means the beach season lasts 365 days a year!
  2. The approximate cost of 1 square meter of property in Dubai is $3,000 USD. You can often buy a house or a villa with a panoramic view of the Persian Gulf cheaper than in America, Asia, or Europe. Moreover, if you buy at the excavation or construction stage, the income from a subsequent sale of the finished property can be up to 40%.
  3. Dubai is the fourth most visited place in the world by tourists, which guarantees a constant demand for rental villas and houses. The profitability is 5-8%, depending on the type of real estate.
  4. Purchasing villas and houses in Dubai entitles you to a 5-year UAE residency visa. Those who make a purchase of more than 1 million dirhams (approximately $280,000) are eligible for this visa. This opens up excellent prospects for doing business, working, or studying in the UAE.
  5. There are no taxes on the sale or rental of villas and houses in Dubai, which saves investors money.

If you are interested in buying a villa or a house in Dubai, our agency can offer you a reasonable price – not higher than directly from the developers, without any hidden commissions or fees. The Turkey Property Group team will help you buy a house or a villa in Dubai not only profitably but also safely: our specialists will conduct a three-level legal examination of the property to ensure the safety of your funds. We will also take care of the paperwork – we have a thorough understanding of UAE legislation.

Collaborating with Turkey Property Group guarantees reliable and profitable investments in houses and villas in Dubai.