Real Estate by the Sea in Chandidas: A Buyer’s Guide

Your home by the sea: real estate by the sea in Chandidasa

Chandidasa is a quiet and picturesque area on the east coast of Bali, Indonesia, known for its beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and stunning ocean views. This place is ideal for those who dream of living by the sea and enjoying all the delights of island life. Real estate by the sea in Chandidas is extremely popular due to its unique natural conditions and developed infrastructure.

Advantages of living by the sea in Chandidas

  1. Unique nature: Chandidasa is surrounded by picturesque mountains and tropical forests, which creates a unique atmosphere for living and recreation.
  2. Climate: Bali has more than 300 days of sunshine a year, allowing you to enjoy beach vacations and sea breezes all year round.
  3. Infrastructure: From stores and restaurants to medical facilities and schools, Chandidas has everything you need for a comfortable life.
  4. Income: Renting a property by the sea brings in a steady income, especially during the high tourist season.

Buying a beachfront property in Chandidasa: What you need to know

Buying a property by the sea in Chandidas is a worthwhile investment that can bring both the pleasure of living and a substantial income.

The main types of properties by the sea are

  1. Houses and Villas: Spacious houses and villas with ocean views and private beaches are ideal for family vacations and permanent residences.
  2. Apartments and Apartments: Modern apartments in residential complexes offer the conveniences of city life and stunning sea views.

Real estate buying process

Buying real estate in Indonesia has its own peculiarities and requires careful consideration.

Basic steps:

  1. Property selection: Decide on the type and location of the property.
  2. Document verification: Make sure the transaction is clean. Check all documents and rights to the property.
  3. Signing the contract: Sign a preliminary contract of sale.
  4. Payment and registration: Make the payment and register the property in your name.

Tips for buying real estate by the sea

  1. Working with an agent: A local agent will help you find the best options and take care of any legal issues.
  2. Property inspection: Inspect the property in person to make sure it is in good condition and meets your expectations.
  3. Financial Planning: Calculate all costs, including taxes and fees, to avoid unexpected expenses.

Examples of the best real estate options by the sea

  1. Villas with private beaches: Luxury villas with spacious plots and direct access to the beach. These homes offer a high level of comfort and privacy.
  2. Apartments in residential complexes: Modern apartments with full infrastructure and stunning ocean views are ideal for those who appreciate convenience and luxury.

Forecasts and prospects

The real estate market by the sea in Chandidas continues to grow and attract more and more investors. With the growing number of tourists and increasing demand for luxury seaside accommodation, real estate prices continue to rise, making buying property in this region a lucrative investment.


Buying real estate by the sea in Chandidas is not only an opportunity to enjoy life on the coast of one of the most beautiful islands in the world, but also a chance to get a stable and high income. It is important to choose the property carefully and have the support of professionals to ensure that the transaction is successful and brings the desired results.

Chandidasa offers a unique combination of nature, comfort and luxury, making it the perfect place for those who want to enjoy life in Bali to the fullest. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a property by the sea in this piece of paradise!