Affordable Real Estate in Chandidas: A Buyer’s Guide

Affordable housing in paradise: affordable real estate in Chandidasa

Chandidasa is a picturesque spot on the east coast of Bali, Indonesia that combines unique natural beauty with a tranquil atmosphere. Inexpensive real estate can be found in this paradisiacal place, making it attractive to those who dream of living on the island without spending a fortune.

Advantages of living in Chandidas

  1. Natural beauty: Chandidas is known for its clean beaches, crystal clear water and picturesque scenery. Unlike the more popular tourist spots in Bali, you can enjoy tranquility and seclusion here.
  2. Climate: Bali is renowned for its warm climate. More than 300 days of sunshine a year provide ideal conditions for vacationing and living.

  3. Infrastructure: Chandidas has everything you need for a comfortable life: stores, restaurants, medical facilities and schools.
  4. Profitability: Buying real estate in Chandidas can be a profitable investment. Renting to tourists brings in a steady income, especially during the high season.

Why Chandidasa.

Chandidasa is a great place for those looking for a balance between nature and amenities. You can find a variety of affordable real estate options here, from cozy cottages to modern apartments.

How to buy cheap real estate in Chandidas: expert tips

Buying cheap real estate in Chandidas requires a careful approach and knowledge of some nuances.

The main types of real estate

  1. Houses and villas: In Chandidas, one can find inexpensive houses and villas that offer comfort and coziness. The cost of such properties starts from $100,000.
  2. Apartments and Apartments: Modern apartments in new complexes cost from $50,000. This is a great solution for those looking for affordable housing with good infrastructure.

The process of buying real estate

Basic steps:

  1. Selecting a property: Decide on the type of housing and its location.
  2. Document verification: Make sure the transaction is clean. It is important to check all the documents and rights to the property.
  3. Signing the contract: Sign a preliminary contract of sale.
  4. Payment and registration: Make the payment and register the property in your name.

Buying tips

  1. Working with an agent: A local agent can help you find the best options and handle all legal matters.
  2. Inspect the property: Be sure to inspect the property in person to make sure it is in good condition and meets your expectations.
  3. Financial Planning: Calculate all costs, including taxes and fees, to avoid unexpected expenses.

Affordable and Quality: The real estate market in Chandidasa

Chandidasa offers a variety of affordable real estate options that suit different purposes – be it permanent residence, vacation or investment.

Examples of the best real estate options

  1. Cozy Homes: Small homes located in picturesque corners of Chandidas can be purchased at prices starting from $100,000. They are ideal for family vacations and permanent residences.
  2. Modern apartments: Apartments starting from $50,000 can be found in new residential complexes. Such apartments offer modern amenities and excellent infrastructure.

Forecasts and Prospects

With the growing interest in Bali and its individual regions, Chandidasa has every chance of becoming one of the most attractive locations for low-cost investment in Indonesia. Growing tourism and a steady increase in real estate prices promise lucrative prospects for investors.


Investing in cheap real estate in Chandidasa is not only an opportunity to buy a home in one of the most beautiful corners of Bali, but also a chance to get a stable income. It is important to choose the property carefully and have the support of professionals to ensure that the transaction is successful and brings the desired results.
Chandidasa is a paradise where you can find housing at an affordable price and enjoy all the delights of life in Bali. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a property in this beautiful place!