Dubai’s luxury real estate – a reliable capital investment

The emirate of Dubai is known for its successful implementation of ambitious projects. Villas on artificial islands, residential and commercial real estate provide stable profits for investors. Study Dubai 2040 Master Plan, choose the properties you like and join the club of global investors of the third millennium.

Dubai combines conditions for comfortable living, work, and leisure.

The high quality of life in the emirate is based on objective factors such as 350 sunny days per year, a year-round swimming season, an average annual air temperature of +29.2°C, water temperature of +28.3°C, and minimal precipitation of up to 92 mm/year. Flexible economic and tax policies, offshore zones, and low-interest rates attract investors. Every year, Dubai issues up to 4,000 Golden Visas for investments.

Dubai has excellent infrastructure for living, working, and leisure:

  • including world-class business;
  • logistics and transport hubs;
  • international schools;
  • high-class medical centers, business centers, and mega malls;
  • theme parks, and modern facilities for yachting, racing, golfing, tennis, horseback riding, fitness, and yoga.

Elite housing in Dubai is an apartment or a house with a land plot in a club-type residence with its own management company, financially independent community, prospective networking, and developed internal infrastructure, including SPA, sports complexes, children’s clubs, and creative development centers.

The best formats of luxury real estate in Dubai for investment are the buildings on the mainland and islands designed by architects of the world’s leading architectural and design bureaus. The margin of buying and selling real estate in Palm Jumeirah, Marina, and Expo District reaches 44%. The density of construction is high, and coastal areas are already experiencing a shortage of free land. Elite real estate will appreciate and provide high profits.

Passive income from short-term rentals of luxury apartments and houses reaches 22% annually with stable growth in the value of real estate itself. The long-term rental market is actively developing: top managers, celebrities, and businessmen rent elite apartments and houses in 5-star serviced residences.

How to buy elite real estate in Dubai profitably

During the preliminary consultations, Turkey Property Group forms a list of real criteria for choosing a property: whether it’s a residence or a rental apartment, the area, the surroundings, budget, profitability, and the priority interests of family members. Our team has the tools for efficient analysis of the luxury real estate market.

We’ll filter out unnecessary options and create a personal shortlist that will help you quickly purchase elite real estate in Dubai with author’s projects and designs, in areas with the best location, near beaches, entertainment, and attractions of the Arab fairy tale.