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      The Mediterranean beaches around the mouth of the Dim Chai River are famous for their crystal clear waters and gentle sandy bottoms. The modern urbanization of the coastal area south of the center of Alanya in Tosmur brings investors excellent profits. Tosmur has become a favorite place for thousands of families to live permanently, work remotely and relax comfortably.

      What attracts real estate investors in Tosmur

      The resort multi-storey building is the most comfortable for residents of residential complexes and tourists:

      • The width of the resort from the beaches to the streets Çakıcı and Baraj does not exceed 600 meters
      • No harmful industries, fishing is allowed in the river, the suburbs are surrounded by orange orchards
      • Beautiful 2.5 km promenade leading to the port and Alanya city center
      • Efficient pedestrian and vehicular traffic, easy access to well-kept beaches, 35 km. to Gazipasa International Airport
      • XXI century real estate: powerful network of water, sewerage, electricity, green energy is involved.

      Real estate in residential complexes and apartment hotels Tosmur meets modern requirements of ergonomics, convenient logistics, stylish interior solutions. The layouts and areas are varied – compact studios from 30m² top demand apartments 1+1,2+1 up to 90m², penthouses from 115m².

      Aparthotels, club houses, residences and residential complexes Tosmur is in no way inferior to the first-class hotels:

      • spacious grounds, swimming pools
      • high-speed elevators, climate control systems, views of the loggias and terraces
      • Spa, sports and children’s indoor and outdoor spaces
      • management companies, concierge service.

      Real estate in Tosmur resort is highly liquid. Resale of new buildings brings up to 40% of profits. To get instant rental income is enough to buy apartments with ready-made repairs, furniture and appliances.

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        Why Tosmur is popular with expats

        There is an opportunity to buy real estate for family and business relocation: Tosmur is open for residence permits in Turkey. The design of the area was originally focused on a year-round stay of residents:

        • The air temperature does not drop below +16ºC, heating is actually not required
        • Modern medical center, pharmacies, dentistry
        • Residents have access to the services of the hotel complexes: tennis courts, hammams, cosmetology, spa
        • On Thursdays traditional farmer’s fair
        • Migros, Şok, A101, Bim, hypermarkets, shopping malls, and private and farm stores are all within a 2-10 minute walk
        • Restaurants, bakeries, pastry shops, and bars are open irrespective of the season
        • within walking distance of the state university, several schools and kindergartens with high ratings
        • convenient transportation to any area of Alanya shuttles tracked in the application Moovit
        • well-kept promenades, parks, many outdoor areas for recreation.

        Tosmur real estate prices

        The cost of residential and commercial real estate in the southern resort of Turkey below Istanbul by 30-80%, 10-50% in Antalya. In Tosmur prevails multi-storey building. Real estate in residential complexes of business class with swimming pools and fitness centers at 10-15% more expensive than apartment buildings of comfort class. Penthouses in premium-class residences with 5* concierge service are 30-40% more expensive. Tosmur is a region with a dynamic market, with prices rising by an average of 2-3% per month.

        Real estate for sale in Tosmur area

        Turkey Property Group experts help to increase the value of real estate in the pre-sale stage, develop individual solutions for each property, conduct an effective marketing campaign, communicate freely with investors from around the world.

        Do you want to sell your new or used Tosmur property? Do not hesitate to contact us. It is possible that in our waiting list is a buyer for your property.

        How to buy real estate in Tosmur

        The local landscape and highways require a scrupulous assessment of each property’s liquidity. Buying a property with the help of Turkey Property Group team means a thorough analysis of investor’s inquiries, market monitoring, calculation of potential maintenance costs, legal clearance check, document preparation and cost optimization.

        We have an exclusive real estate database of the resort. We will find the best offer with high liquidity in a respectable residential complex.