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      Alanya Kestel municipal district is located from the left bank of the Oba River to Mahmutlar. New neighborhoods stretch along a three-kilometer promenade, sandy and pebble beaches. Beyond the residential development is a national nature reserve, banana and orange plantations, faculties and the Business School of Alaaddin Keykubat State University.

      Real estate in Kestel is popular among international investors and expats

      The mild Mediterranean climate, walking distance to the beaches, excellent transport links are decisive factors in the planned urbanization of Kestel. Buying real estate in this part of the resort is profitable – the investor does not incur preliminary costs for the arrangement of infrastructure, the payback begins from the moment of re-registration of ownership of an apartment with ready-made repairs or an office with a lease agreement.

      Kestel has modern water supply and sewerage systems, convenient parking lots, evenly distributed educational institutions, shops, municipal transport stops. To the central part of Alanya from Kestel 9 km. from Gazipasa International Airport – 30 km. The beautiful promenade is equipped with benches for rest, photo zones and a bicycle path.

      The main difference of Kestel real estate is the special atmosphere of a modern resort town:

      • most of the buildings within 300 meters from the sea are apartment complexes up to five floors high
      • there are few hotels, dominated by business class residential complexes and premium class residences with spacious areas, landscaping, swimming pools
      • 4-6 line of residential development is mostly concentrated near the road to the university.

      Kestel real estate is optimal for permanent residence, remote work and long vacations:

      • public beaches convenient access to the sea
      • near the beaches there is a stadium, tennis courts, playgrounds, relaxation areas
      • regardless of the season, there are restaurants, beauty salons, service centers, banks
      • MM Migos, Carrefour, 101, Nisa Market, Alanya Kestel Öz mavi supermarkets, Nisa Market, and Alanya Kestel Öz mavi shopping center are opened along the central boulevard İsa Küçülmez;
      • a farmers’ market is open every week
      • to the megamall Alanium, hypermarkets Metro, Vatan, Nova outlet 6 minutes by bus
      • to the new medical center with urgent and diagnostic departments 4 km
      • several private kindergartens and schools, Classic-M school with Russian curriculum.

      Stable profit is brought by commercial and hotel real estate, long-term rental of apartments. Income up to 40% is received by co-investors in the construction of new residential complexes and apartment hotels. Investment pools and own development projects are promising.

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        Modern planning and technology of real estate in Kestel

        Kestel property owners appreciated the economical and ergonomic architectural and planning solutions:

        • planning with convenient separation of public and private areas, large loggias and terraces
        • spacious rooms with high ceilings, spacious dressing rooms
        • natural insolation of the premises, climate control, noise insulation, powerful ventilation
        • high class of seismic resistance and fire safety
        • high-speed elevators, stylish design of public spaces.

        Real estate Kestel: important nuances

        The total area of the premises is calculated by external protective structures. Turkey Property Group managers will help you calculate the usable area of residential and commercial real estate in Kestel.

        In the ads for the sale of real estate adopted the European system of designation of layouts: number of bedrooms + living room: 1+1,2+1,3+1. In rare cases, developers offer apartments with two living rooms. The area of studios at the legislative level is not less than 29 m².

        Property for sale in Kestel

        Secondary properties and new buildings in Kestel are included in our buyers’ request lists. Turkey Property Group team develops exclusive solutions for each property. We know how to increase the value of the asset, interpret the functionality of the premises, and make a deal with foreign investors.

        How to buy a property in Kestel

        Turkey Property Group experts make a shortlist of properties for viewing after analyzing the buyer’s requests:

        • short or medium term investment, asset diversification
        • immigration, obtaining residence permit and Turkish citizenship
        • remote work, own business in Kestel
        • families with children, disabled and elderly family members.

        Buying a property in Kestel with the involvement of our specialists is easy: we will organize online and offline inspection, conduct due diligence, calculate the real costs, taxes, potential costs of maintaining your property in the popular resort of Turkey.