According to the regulations in force in Turkey in 2024, the importation of pets into Turkey is allowed under the following conditions:

  • The animal must be chipped with an ISO 11784 pet microchip. A microchip in a sterile biocompatible glass capsule containing a personal 15-digit code is inserted under the animal’s skin.
  • The animal must be vaccinated against rabies no earlier than one month before entering Turkey and no later than 30 days before entry.
  • The animal must have a veterinary passport, which must contain all necessary information about the animal, as well as rabies vaccination marks.
  • The animal must be clinically healthy.

In addition, importation of some species of animals may require a special permit from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Turkey.

Only two pets per person can be imported into Turkey free of charge. If there are more pets, they will have to be registered on other traveling companions or pay a fee.

Pets must be transported in special containers or carriers, which must meet the requirements of the airline or other means of transportation. The size of the container or carrier must be such that the animal can stand, sit and turn freely.

Animals must be placed in the container or carrier in such a way that they cannot harm themselves or others.

Additional rules for importing animals

Upon entry into Turkey, the animal must be presented to a veterinary inspector for examination. If the animal is found to be healthy, the veterinary inspector will stamp the animal’s veterinary passport and allow the animal to enter the country.

If the animal is found to be sick, the veterinary inspector may prohibit the importation of the animal into the country.

For more information on the rules of importing animals into Turkey, please visit the official website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Turkey.