When you invest in real estate in Dubai, you get not only a rich infrastructure in the area, but also comfortable housing with incredible views.

If you have decided to buy a home, but do not know what types of real estate exist in Dubai – this article is for you.

The following types of real estate are selling in the UAE:

  • Apartments. In the Arab Emirates, this is a whole sector of real estate, designed primarily for renting. Apartments are the main type of residential facilities in Dubai, attracting foreign investors as well as tourists as tenants.
  • Penthouses and duplexes. Penthouses are confused with duplexes, but they are different types of residential properties. A penthouse is always located on the top two floors of high-rise buildings, characterized by panoramic windows and breathtaking views. Duplex – apartments in low-rise buildings, sometimes such housing is sold with a part of the adjacent territory.
  • Cottages and townhouses. Cottages – this is the type of real estate in Dubai, which is preferred by local residents. Such housing has a large area, on the adjacent territory can be a garden or a swimming pool. This type of housing is in great demand among tourists, which allows the owner to earn when renting for both short-term and long-term rental.