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13. 8. 2022

How to pay for the purchase of an apartment in Turkey?

The process of buying Turkish real estate begins with the signing of a preliminary agreement of intent and making a deposit of 2,000 EUR or more. It is also necessary to obtain a tax number, which is necessary for the implementation of the sale transaction.

After that, move on to payment. Here there are 3 options for depositing money:

  • Cashless – you need to open an account with a Turkish bank, in liras;
  • Cash – you can withdraw money from a Turkish ATM. It is worth to clarify in advance, the bank’s commission and the daily limit for cash withdrawal;
  • Cryptocurrency – the official consent of both parties for this method of payment is required.

The final stage of the transaction is to get the TAPU – documents confirming the right of ownership.

Our consultants will accompany you from the selection to the purchase of the apartment. Everything will be done correctly, respecting your interests.
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Автор Semyon Tereshchenko

Real Estate Expert

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