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      Revitalized neighborhoods surrounding the legendary fortress on the cliff, straight well-kept streets overlook the famous embankment, the port and sandy beaches of the most modern resort of Turkey. Apartment in the center of Alanya – this resort rhythm and high quality of life, confidence in the reliability of investments, a stable passive income.

      Affordable prices for apartments in the center of Alanya

      The cost of real estate is 10-70% lower than the northern competitors. Within the budget of buying a business-class object in the Aegean and Marmara Sea area is realistic to buy here:

      • Several properties for family relocation and a stable passive income
      • housing a larger area, with a better location, in the residential complex premium class.

      What is the difference between apartments in the center of Alanya

      The historic part of the city is densely built up. Most of the new buildings are reconstructions of apartment hotels or development projects on a compact land plot. Residents of the complexes receive high-tech housing, layouts with convenient logistics, reliable communications, quality service.

      Ground levels of the buildings are traditionally occupied by the stores, restaurants, banks, beauty salons, service centers. Roofs are occupied by lounge terraces, economical water heating systems and solar panels.

      Buyers are available from 30m &sup2 studios, apartments 1 +1, 2 +1, 3 +1 with loggias and terraces, one-level and duplex penthouses with panoramic views of the mountains and the sea.

      Downtown Alanya: the advantages of apartments and flats for investment

      Tourists, retirees and freelancers traditionally look for vacation and remote work housing near the best beaches and promenades, in neighborhoods with developed transport infrastructure, restaurants and stores. Apartments in Alanya city center from Mersin Antalya Highway to Cleopatra, Damlataş, Portakal beaches are a priori highly liquid:

      • sale of new buildings after commissioning brings a profit of 40%
      • some of the apartments in new buildings are furnished, equipped with brand-name plumbing and appliances, ready to use from the moment of purchase
      • rental rates are steadily growing
      • Demand for rent year-round, the bathing season is 7 months
      • A busy schedule of events: festivals, business forums, seminars, competitions
      • The cost of infrastructure development and advertising of the resort is not required.

      It is profitable to buy apartments in Alanya City Center with transfer of trust management. Professional marketing, cleaning and small repairs increase the profitability of the object by 30% the owner receives transparent reporting.

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        Expats like the center of Alanya

        The urban environment is optimal for permanent residence of immigrants, rentiers and freelancers:

        • Within walking distance to stores, restaurants, bakeries, banks, beauty salons, services
        • Choice of Turkish and international kindergartens and schools with high ratings
        • high level of health care, excellent environment, beautiful locations for walks
        • low prices for food, fuel and utilities
        • convenient municipal transport network connects all areas of the city
        • local authorities support entrepreneurs in the field of digital technology, logistics, HoReCa.

        Apartments for Sale in Alanya City Center

        Turkey Property Group experts develop exclusive marketing solutions for real estate sellers: home staging, advertising, online promotion, communication with foreign investors. The team’s task is to increase the value of the asset, to bring the maximum benefit to the owner.

        How to buy an apartment in the center of Alanya

        Central part of the resort is heterogeneous in landscape, social environment, the density of tourist flows. Turkey Property Group selects property on the primary and secondary market in Central Alanya exactly according to the preferences of the buyer and his family members:

        • With high passive income in the most popular tourist locations
        • with quality concierge service, beautiful views, swimming pool, fitness center
        • Close to the beach, school or office
        • away from noisy highways, sewage treatment plants, nightclubs.

        Assessing the liquidity of the property, checking the builder’s reliability, the legal clarity of the apartment, the absence of debts, preparing the documents for re-registration of ownership rights – the competence of Turkey Property Group experts.