Real estate in Nicosia: an oasis in Northern Cyprus

Nicosia, the capital of Northern Cyprus, attracts many people who decide to invest in real estate. This city has a unique blend of culture, history and modernity. Here you can enjoy the warm Mediterranean climate, and at the same time, immerse yourself in a rich cultural heritage. Thanks to its developed infrastructure, Nicosia provides excellent opportunities for real estate investors.

Nicosia is also famous for its universities and high level of education. This attracts students and young professionals from all over the world, which creates a constant demand for rental accommodation. This is a great opportunity for investors to earn a steady income from rental properties.

Another advantage is the excellent accessibility of Egsap International Airport, which provides easy access to Northern Cyprus for tourists and business travelers. This contributes to a steady increase in tourism and investment.

Types of real estate in Nicosia

Real estate in Nicosia offers a variety of options for investors. The city offers comfortable apartments with sea views, villas with private pools, and commercial properties. Many properties are located in prestigious neighborhoods, where real estate prices are constantly rising.


Apartments in Nicosia are a great choice for those looking for an inexpensive housing option. They are often close to the sea and provide excellent vacation and rental accommodation. Apartments provide modern amenities and allow you to enjoy beaches and cafes in close proximity.


Villas in Nicosia are luxury homes with large plots and swimming pools. They are ideal for those looking for spaciousness and comfort in life. Villas offer privacy and seclusion as well as magnificent views of the surrounding nature.

Real estate investment in Nicosia

Investing in real estate in Nicosia is a sound move. The city is constantly developing, attracting tourists and investors. There is a program of citizenship in exchange for investment, which makes buying real estate even more attractive.

The stable growth of real estate prices in Nicosia makes this region attractive for investors, and brings excellent returns. You can also consider renting out your property to earn a steady income.

The process of buying real estate in Nicosia

Buying real estate in Nicosia is relatively simple and transparent. First you need to choose the property you want, then sign the contract and pay the required amount. Once the deal is finalized, you become the happy owner of a property in this unique city.

Buying steps

  • Selecting a property
  • Signing a contract
  • Payment
  • Receiving the property certificate

Nicosia is the place where dreams of owning your own property in Northern Cyprus come true. The city has many advantages that make it an ideal choice for investment. With a variety of property types and a convenient buying process, Nicosia is waiting for you!

The variety of housing, stable economic environment and high potential for investment make Nicosia a true oasis for those who dream of owning a property in this beautiful city.